Minimal Ingredient Dog Foods: Painless Food Allergy Treatment

If your dog is experiencing pet food allergies, then of course you’ll want to replace your dog food. But do you know what to consider as well as what to stay away from? In case you don’t know which particular ingredient that is triggering your dog’s trouble, then changing pet foods may not be beneficial. Get a dog food with limited ingredients, because the isolating job is done for you. They normally have about five to seven ingredients, which makes it less of a challenge to discover a pet food using entirely novel ingredients.
To start with, cut out the ingredients label on the existing pet food. You will use this to compare alongside a new dog food. After that take a look at several limited ingredient dog food brands. Try to find products which use new ingredients. There are many that use ingredients like kangaroo and peas , rather than the standard beef and corn which are in countless dog foods today. Look at each of the ingredients against your present list? You want absolutely no overlap in ingredients. Furthermore be sure to make certain there aren’t any artificial ingredients either. Avoid getting worried if you don’t notice instant progress. It will take some time, approximately eight to twelve weeks, consuming best limited dog food before the allergic reactions entirely disappear.
Finding the best pet food for your dog needn’t be complicated. Dog food with limited ingredients will make it far less difficult for you to find a wonderful food that your pet will like and not have any side effects to.

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Finding The Very Best Hypoallergenic Dog Food

hypoallergenic dog food for food allergies

I want to eat, but my dog food allergies make me miserable!

There’s really no one preferred hypo-allergenic dog food. There is simply the right one designed for your specific pet. Simply because everyone says a specific brand is best, doesn’t mean it will work for your puppy. It could actually make your pet’s allergic reactions even worse. A number of people have even discovered that after giving high-priced allergy dog food without results, and then switching to a low quality pet food, they see their pet’s problems improve. The truth is, every dog is distinct and their dietary needs will vary. If you find one which improves your dog’s symptoms, then you’ve basically identified the most beneficial hypoallergenic pet food for your dog.

Actually, what you want to do while exploring for the best pet food, is to make sure you are not giving any of the substances that are in your present dog food. Many times a hypoallergenic or even limited ingredient pet food fits this bill wonderfully. This happens because they tend never to make use of a whole bunch of ingredients and most of their ingredients are new for the majority of canines (for example bison, kangaroo, sweet potatoes, and peas). But, in fact, any pet food may help your pet. In the end, it’s really just a trial-and-error approach to locate the best one.

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Acupuncture For Dogs?

OK, I’m American. I still get the chills thinking about acupuncture for people. But for dogs? Will they really sit still for a session? And does it do any good?

I found an article (link below) talking about the benefits of acupuncture for dogs and cats and the real benefits they have seen as a result of acupuncture. Acupuncture is all about restoring an imbalance of energy in the body, so it makes sense that it should work for animals as well as it works for humans.

Just make sure you find a certified veterinary acupuncturists before trying it with your furry friends.

Source: Veterinary Acupuncture

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Understanding Recurring Ear Infections In Dogs And Cats

Found this really informative video about recurring ear infections in dogs and cats. If you’ve ever had a dog or cat with ear infections, it is as frustrating as constant itching and scratching. Just when you think you’ve got it licked, it comes back again. This video gives a great explanation of how and why your pets get ear infections. Take a look…..

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Important Considerations When Buying Dog Food In Bulk

Sometimes, buying dog food in mass quantities is one of the smartest ways to save cash. However, if not stored properly, spoiling, mold, and insect infestation can be the result. This, in turn, burns up any of the money savings you saw from purchasing in mass quantities. The simplest way to fix that issue is with dog food storage containers.

The proper storage container is your best bet when buying dog food in bulk and will make certain your money was money well spent on the dog food. And while you may not think about keeping insects out, fruit flies and ants are notorious for feasting on open dog food and rapidly reproducing and causing a nuisance.

Dog food containers even help keep odors away from the dog food, keeping it more appealing for your pet. These containers also are great at keeping your dog from getting into a bag of food. They even help with toddlers around, as they are always trying to ‘help out’ and can end up wasting a lot of dog food. One of the major areas to look at with dog food containers is that they are watertight, as this is the easiest way to keep food fresh for the longest possible time.

You can find these storage bins in just about any size, from extra small for storing treats, to extra large that can manage approximately 80 lbs of dog food. Many of the large and extra large canisters are even on wheels so you can get to them and store them easier. With wheels, you can store your large container in the back of a closet, but still be able to pull it easily out when it is feeding time for your dogs.

Most dog food containers are made of durable plastic, but many there are also some great models made from metal and wood. Some dog food bins are even stackable, making for easy storage in tight areas. And still others can be stored on shelves for those that do not want the bother of dealing with large canisters. While some of the smaller bins are pourable models, larger canisters can very easily accommodate a measuring cup to be kept in the bin.

Dog food canisters are available at most pet superstores, but you’ll find the largest variety online. Either way, these canisters are very affordable.

Whether you decide to put the entire bag of dog food in the storage bin or empty the contents out is entirely up to you. However, if you empty out the bag of dog food, you need to realize that bits of the dog food and oils will stay on the sides and bottom of the container. This means you need to clean the bin out between bags – so look for a bin with a large enough opening that it is simple to clean. If you don’t wash the canister, the particles will eventually spoil and ruin the dog food that is currently in there.

Keep your pet healthy and happy by providing fresh, uncontaminated dog food. Click here to browse for dog food storage containers.

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Hypoallergenic Dog Food – The Best Way to Tackle Dog Food Allergies

A great rule of thumb when buying pet food is that it should be free from allergens. This is basically referred to as a hypoallergenic dog food. Allergens are particles best avoided because they can interrupt your dog’s digestive operation, resulting in diarrhea and puking. Additionally, food allergens can lead to sneezing and intolerable dog itching, with the consequence of hair loss. Therefore, a dog owner has to be aware when the dog is showing these symptoms and when to change a high-quality hypoallergenic pet food.

Why Hypoallergenic Dog Food?

Hypoallergenic dog food is exempt from ingredients that can cause an allergic symptom. Examples of substances not included in hypoallergenic pet food are the following: corn, yeast, eggs, beef and chicken. You will need to keep track of what kind of components your dog is currently eating and verify that the hypoallergenic pet food contains none of these substances.

When your dog eats hypoallergenic pet food, the symptoms should decrease. Afterward, the diet could be shifted back to your first dog food. If the symptoms return, then the dog is really allergic and needs hypoallergenic dog food for its well-being. If the allergies do not return, then it most likely not a food allergy, but more than likely just a nutritional problem, i.e. the original pet food did not offer all the indispensable nutrients for your pet. A hypoallergenic dog food still might be the answer for your pet’s problems, as they are nutritionally superior to common supermarket brands.

What Are Some Top Rated Hypoallergenic Dog Food Brands?

Some of the highest quality hypoallergenic dog food brands include Addiction Raw Dehydrated dog food, Wellness Simple pet food and Natural Balance Limited Ingredients Diet dog food. These hypoallergenic dog food brands do not contain additives and the substances are natural and of high quality. When choosing which brand is the right hypoallergenic dog food for your pet, make sure that you look at the ingredients first. Stay away from ingredients that you already believe to cause your dog allergies in order to make sure you really have a hypoallergenic pet food that fits your dog’s special condition. What you are looking for here is the healthiest dog food for your unique situation.

Giving your pet hypoallergenic food is a great first step to relieve their allergy symptoms. However, there are other long term benefits for your four legged furry friend, like fewer onsets of sickness and greater ability to combat parasites. This is exceedingly essential in keeping your dog active and healthy. Dogs that hardly ever get sick areattentive and playful, which are the qualities most people look for in their dogs. Healthier pets also mean fewer trips to the vet, a nice little plus when you are on a budget.

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