Important Considerations When Buying Dog Food In Bulk

Sometimes, buying dog food in mass quantities is one of the smartest ways to save cash. However, if not stored properly, spoiling, mold, and insect infestation can be the result. This, in turn, burns up any of the money savings you saw from purchasing in mass quantities. The simplest way to fix that issue is with dog food storage containers.

The proper storage container is your best bet when buying dog food in bulk and will make certain your money was money well spent on the dog food. And while you may not think about keeping insects out, fruit flies and ants are notorious for feasting on open dog food and rapidly reproducing and causing a nuisance.

Dog food containers even help keep odors away from the dog food, keeping it more appealing for your pet. These containers also are great at keeping your dog from getting into a bag of food. They even help with toddlers around, as they are always trying to ‘help out’ and can end up wasting a lot of dog food. One of the major areas to look at with dog food containers is that they are watertight, as this is the easiest way to keep food fresh for the longest possible time.

You can find these storage bins in just about any size, from extra small for storing treats, to extra large that can manage approximately 80 lbs of dog food. Many of the large and extra large canisters are even on wheels so you can get to them and store them easier. With wheels, you can store your large container in the back of a closet, but still be able to pull it easily out when it is feeding time for your dogs.

Most dog food containers are made of durable plastic, but many there are also some great models made from metal and wood. Some dog food bins are even stackable, making for easy storage in tight areas. And still others can be stored on shelves for those that do not want the bother of dealing with large canisters. While some of the smaller bins are pourable models, larger canisters can very easily accommodate a measuring cup to be kept in the bin.

Dog food canisters are available at most pet superstores, but you’ll find the largest variety online. Either way, these canisters are very affordable.

Whether you decide to put the entire bag of dog food in the storage bin or empty the contents out is entirely up to you. However, if you empty out the bag of dog food, you need to realize that bits of the dog food and oils will stay on the sides and bottom of the container. This means you need to clean the bin out between bags – so look for a bin with a large enough opening that it is simple to clean. If you don’t wash the canister, the particles will eventually spoil and ruin the dog food that is currently in there.

Keep your pet healthy and happy by providing fresh, uncontaminated dog food. Click here to browse for dog food storage containers.

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