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Minimal Ingredient Dog Foods: Painless Food Allergy Treatment

If your dog is experiencing pet food allergies, then of course you’ll want to replace your dog food. But do you know what to consider as well as what to stay away from? In case you don’t know which particular … Continue reading

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Finding The Very Best Hypoallergenic Dog Food

There’s really no one preferred hypo-allergenic dog food. There is simply the right one designed for your specific pet. Simply because everyone says a specific brand is best, doesn’t mean it will work for your puppy. It could actually make … Continue reading

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Acupuncture For Dogs?

OK, I’m American. I still get the chills thinking about acupuncture for people. But for dogs? Will they really sit still for a session? And does it do any good? I found an article (link below) talking about the benefits … Continue reading

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Understanding Recurring Ear Infections In Dogs And Cats

Found this really informative video about recurring ear infections in dogs and cats. If you’ve ever had a dog or cat with ear infections, it is as frustrating as constant itching and scratching. Just when you think you’ve got it … Continue reading

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Important Considerations When Buying Dog Food In Bulk

Sometimes, buying dog food in mass quantities is one of the smartest ways to save cash. However, if not stored properly, spoiling, mold, and insect infestation can be the result. This, in turn, burns up any of the money savings … Continue reading

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Hypoallergenic Dog Food – The Best Way to Tackle Dog Food Allergies

A great rule of thumb when buying pet food is that it should be free from allergens. This is basically referred to as a hypoallergenic dog food. Allergens are particles best avoided because they can interrupt your dog’s digestive operation, … Continue reading

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